ETFE cable with a cigarette lighter connector

The Cigarette lighter connector is universal suitable for standard 21mm automotive sockets or the smaller DIN EN ISO 4165 sized sockets.  It is twistable to enable it to turn into a right angled plug depending on installation location.


ETFE aircraft grade cable, unterminated tails for installation

ETFE unterminated tails are for fixed installation, and consist of 1m of 20AWG aircraft grade ETFE cable with a crimped connector for the charger at one end.


Loose power input connector and crimp pins for self installation (2 sets)

You can also make up your own cable using these Molex crimp connectors.

They are designed for 20AWG cable and ideally you should use a Molex crimp tool (part number 63819-0000).

Includes two Molex 2 pin shell connector and 4 of crimp pins, enough to make up two leads.